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New is comingMillions of resources, free, safe, no app crash.

Device:iPhone / iPad / iPod touch
System:iOS 7.0 - 10.0

When connecting iOS devices with vShare Helper, vShare will be installed by default in about 40s-120s.

If vShare don't appear on your desktop, please pull out the cable or reboot vShare Helper.

Globally hottest and latest appsWithout Apple IDSafety, genuine, without crash

Globally hottest and latest apps

All resources are free to download!

More than 1,000,000 iOS and Android apps and games, exotic wallpaper and ringtones are free to download, including the newest and hottest from all over the world.

Without Apple ID

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No need to put in Apple ID and password when download, vShare provides various resources for you to use free. Furthermore, vShare is a unique app that offers simple interface, clear categories, infinite gold games, hottest and newest apps focus.

Safety, genuine, without crash

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Resources provided by vShare are extremely safe in your cell phone, keep away from crash.