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Get 3+ Same Apps on one iPhone

Do you have two or more Facebook accounts or Instagram accounts? Do you want to run two or more accounts at the same time? It sounds really cool, right? 

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More and more people need to apply for more accounts on social website. Especially for people who are in office, they may have one personal account and one public account. A personal account is for you to share your daily life, another can help you communicate with your clients or colleagues. It's a clear and easy way to apart your work form personal life.  

Apps to open 2

But how? How can we get it? Don't worry, vShare VIP can help you solve this problem. As I mentioned in previous essays, one of the most interesting function of vShare VIP called "Applications to open". Today I will tell you how to get two or more Facebook, twitter, or Instagram through vShare VIP. 

It's really easy. First you should install a vShare VIP on your phone, then click "Multi-apps" to get two or more apps. 

Click here see how to install vShare VIP.