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How to find right way when you are traveling in Europe?

"Where am I" and "Where I should go" are not only philosophy problems, but also geography problems. We don't want to get lost when we are traveling outside, right? And we want to know where we should go when we are in cross and how to find the place we need to arrive. Solving such problems are not difficult. With NAVIGON Europe, you can always find right way when you are traveling in Europe.

Nivagon Europe

NAVIGON Europe—Find right way when you are traveling in Europe。

NAVIGON Europe is an iOS app for navigation that can do following things:

1.Onboard map material: only carry the road maps on your iPhone that you really need. Thus you save memory space and can navigate even when no internet connection is available.

2.Intelligent address entry: thanks to the first-class, simplified address entry, which can be operated using the keypad or via voice input, you’ll find your quicker than ever before.  

3.Precise voice commands, including street names: just concentrate on driving the car.  

4.Hazard warnings: you can choose to receive alerts of danger spots such as mobile speed traps.

5.POI search: find your destination even without entering the address directly.

6.Real signage and road sign displays: you always have an overview thanks to photo-realistic views of junctions and road signs. 

7.Dynamic lane assistant: at junctions where the exit is unclear or on motorway exits, be guided into the right lane every time.

8.Speed assistant: NAVIGON warns you visually or audibly if you are exceeding the posted speed limit.

9.Optimal route: choose the right option for you, from up to three suggested routes. 

10.Route planning: plan longer trips with multiple destinations en route.

NAVIGON Europe is useful and convenient. However, it is not free. It will cost you for $54.99. If you want to get free NAVIGON Europe, you can download it at vShare VIP.

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Wrote by Eric on 2017.04.18