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10 Funny Games about Donald Trump

Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States Of America, is totally a huge celebrity now. He is not only famous in the field of business and politics ,but also gain popularity of games company. There is many games which protagonists are Donald Trump. So I made a collection of 10 funny Games about Donald Trump.

1、Trump This!

Trump This Games

Introduction:It is a funny game that you can be Hillary to fire away Trump. You can hide in a slowest tank and shoot down Trump.

2、Trump or Not.

Trump or Not.

Introduction:To distinguish a controversial quote of Trump from another man's and win scores. You can recall what new president said or not when you are playing.

3、Trump It - Vote for Trump.

Trump It - Vote for Trump.

Introduction:It is interesting to see you can become POTUS or not! Take care and don't get flaked!

4、Trumpety Trump.

Trumpety Trump.

Introduction:Can you imagine that Mr Trump be a sheep? In Trumpety Trump, Trump not only be turned to a sheep, but also hate money. He threw all money outside!

5、Tap for Trump.

Tap for Trump.jpg

Introduction:Get votes and tap faster to get balance. You will not die if you go above the screen.

6、Punch Trump.

Punch Trump

Introduction:Punch Trump and get him down in 10 seconds.

7、Color Trump.

Color Trump.

Introduction:Color Trump is comedy game. And your goal is to make Trump get a high score or a bad score.

8、Trump Roulette.

Trump Roulette.jpg

Introduction:Challenge your friends to a game of Trump Roulette! he Trump to survives 3 rounds wins!

9、Trump and Hillary.

Trump and Hillary.

Introduction: The best game about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Candidates for president of the United States of America.

10、Trump Smash.

Trump Smash.

Introduction: Keep on Tapping and smash as many Trumps as possible.

If you want to play, find 10 funny Games about Donald Trump at appsodo.com.

Written by Lily on 2016.12.19.

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