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How to get 2 Twitter apps in one phone?

Why you need 2 Twitter apps? Because it is a cool thing to have something that others don't have. And if you have 2 Twitter accounts, it also will be convenient. In vShare VIP, there is a function named "Applications to open". It can help you to install 2 Twitter apps.


vShare VIP is an app market that has many free paid games and apps. Recently, engineers of vShare VIP developed two awesome functions that makes vShare VIP more useful. They are Applications to open and Unlimited Coins.



Applications to open


There is a Multi-Apps column in vShare VIP. And now it has 6 apps: Face-Book, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Cercube 4 For YouTube. If you download Twitter in Multi-Apps column, you will get 2 Twitter app in one phone at the same time. It means if you have 2 Twitter accounts, you can login at the same time. No need to log in one and log out another.


Download vShare VIP, and you can get 2 Twitter apps in one phone.


Install vShare VIP


1.Visit www.vshare.com/down_vshare_vip/ 

2.Install UDID.

3.Complete the payment, enter the discount coupon code if you have get a 2$ discount coupon code.( My coupon code is vshare666666. You can use to save money)

4.Write your Email to receive the VIP installation box.

5.After receiving the installation box, please install it.

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Wrote by Rose on 2017.4.24