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6 Hot and Free Games in vShare VIP

Interesting and fun games are always hot among players. And such hot games always need to pay. However, in vShare VIP, you don't need to pay money for playing games. vShare VIP is an app market that has many free paid games, like Minecraft:Pocket Edition, Facetune, Plague Inc, Geometry Dash and so on. Today, I would like to introduce 6 hot games for you that are free in vShare VIP.


1.Mini Metro 

Mini Metro is a very interesting simulation game that is about designing a subway map for a growing city. In Mini Metro, your goal is to keep the city moving. You draw lines between stations. And you start trains running. Routes must be efficient unless your traffic will be paralyzed in your city.


2.Backflip Madness


Backflip Madness is an extreme sports game app that is fast-paced and parkour-flavored. In Backflip Madness, your goal is simple. Just making tons of spectacular tricks and stunts is enough. Backflip Madness is a very cool game. It attracts many players, even kids can enjoy it. As a popular game, Free Backflip Madness has following features:




"2016 App Store Game of the Year Runner-Up", Reigns is an interesting simulation strategy game that is popular among players. Your are a king in Reigns. And you are presented with choices about how to rule as a deck of cards. Each year, you make a crucial decision about your kingdom's development. And you must be careful. Because such decision will change fate and vicissitude of your kingdom.


4.Bloons TD 5


If you like tower defense game, then you must like this five-star tower defense game—Bloons TD 5. Bloons TD 5 has a very high replayability that many players play again and again. Lovely monkey in the game is also preferred by so many people. Such good and interesting game, of course, is not free. Its price is $2.99 in App Store and Google Play. However, vShare always gives you surprise. Bloons TD 5 is free in vShare VIP.


5.Heads Up


Heads Up is a very hilarious and fun game that was created by Ellen DeGeneres, the famous talk show host. The New York Times called it as a "Sensation". Cosmopolitan said that "Heads Up will be the best dollar you've spent." Heads Up is $0.99 in App Store and Google Play. However, in vShare, Heads Up is totally free.


6.Toca Kitchen 2


Toca Kitchen 2 is an educational app that is very popular among children. Toca Kitchen 2 can evoke a child's cooking interest and creativeness. Children can make and cook whatever they want in Toca Kitchen 2. And it is also fun to make a mess or something weird to eat.


vShare VIP not only has free paid games, but also has other useful and interesting functions. If you want to know more about vShare VIP, please click "vShare VIP".


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