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How to make videos more effective and beautiful?

We like taking photos, because we want to record our beautiful life and share with others. We also like making a video, because video is live and vivid. We can easily recall someone or something by a video.

Compared with photos, video is more vivid. However, videos are not as beautiful as photos. We can adjust a perfect point of view to take a photo. And after taking photos, we can edit the photos. So how to make videos more effective and beautiful is what we should concern.


Make videos more effective and beautiful.

It is easy to make videos more effective and beautiful. With Videoshop - Video Editor, you can have a beautiful video. Videoshop is an app for editing video. And it has following features.

1.Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments. You can also split your videos into multiple clips.

2.Music: Add from your iPod library or Buy Clips from the Videomall.

3.Sound effects: Choose from animals noises, farts, Vine quotes, explosions, laughter, etc.

4.Slow motion (or fast motion): Adjust video or audio speed to slow or fast.

5.Adjust Display: Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.

6.Merger: Combine multiple clips into one.

7.Text: Type your own text with color and various fonts.

8.Voice overs: Record your own voice over the video.

9.Animated titles: Introduce your videos with animated titles.

10.Filters: Select from several filters to enhance your videos.

11.Transitions: Choose from 10 transitions to animate between video clips.

12.Photos: Create slideshows easily.

13.Stop Motion: Create claymation videos with stop motion recording.

14.Resize: Rescale your video within the video frame.

15.Reverse: Playback videos in reverse.

16.Copy: Create duplicate video clips.

17.Tilt Shift: Add depth to your videos.

18.Rotate: Rotate your videos in 90 degree angles.

19.Undo: Undo any slippery editing mistakes.

20.Share on Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Whatsapp or by E-mail.

Videoshop - Video Editor is $1.99 in App Store. However, you can find it free in vShare VIP.

How to install vshare vip

1.Visit www.vshare.com/down_vshare_vip/ 

2.Install UDID.

3.Complete the payment, enter the discount coupon code if you have get a 2$ discount coupon code.( My coupon code is vshare666666. You can use to save money)

4.Write your Email to receive the VIP installation box.

5.After receiving the installation box, please install it.

After installing vShare VIP successfully, you can find free Videoshop - Video Editor on vShare VIP.


Wrote by Rose on 2017.04.26