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Mori Journal - records your life

Mori Journal - records your life.

How to record your life? Most of you will choose a camera or something convenient. Yes, your phone or your camera can help you record the wonderful moment you want to catch up instantly, but today I will introduce you a new application to help you record your life. Have you ever wrote dairy? It seems old-fashioned to write dairies, but Mori Journal will bring you a fresh experience on dairy writing.

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Like the handwriting dairy, Mori Journal can help you record your happiness and sadness, also it will help you keep your secrets. Unlike the handwriting dairy, it can insert photos and cute stickers. It also have lovely fonts, tape brush and colorful backgrounds. Here you don't need to worry about your handwriting is not good enough or you can't draw cute stickers. Just tape the words you want to say. It's a warm place for you inner heart. Mori Journal will help you keep your words, don't worry your secrets will be known by others, here you can choose private or open mode, it's easy to switch.

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Many talents here are sharing their dairy writing techniques for you. Mori Journal gave you a place to set your soul free. With this application you can record your life better. It’s a better way to help you communicate with your inner heart. After one day's busy work, listening some wonderful music, at the same time open your Mori Journal to record your moments silently. How wonderful it is!

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