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Become a computer expert with USBstart

Computer is our best friend, it almost appears everywhere in our daily life. With a computer we can work, study, watch movies, play games, search information, keep in touch with our friends, and can help us solve all kinds of problems. It sounds that a computer is almighty. When we got a new computer it runs very fast, and we hardly met problems. A fast computer provides us a comfortable environment for our work and leisure. 

Play computer

But after one year or two, it may have some problems. Have you ever met these conditions? When you are editing an important documents the computer suddenly stuck. When you are playing computer games your screen turned dark. Or you always need to wait a long time for computer starting up. 

computer stuck

If so, your computer need to be repaired, you need to install a new system for your computer. But how to install a system? Sent it to a computer expert? Ask for after sale service? Now, I will introduce you a fast way to rescue your computer. That is our new product USBstart.


Whether you are a computer expert or you know nothing about computer, with an USBstart you can install system very fast. This product is really easy to use. It is featured in one button making and can be precisely duplicated in ISO file. It can be booted by ISO image and fully compatible with all kinds of systems. USBstart will be updated continuously, and official website also provides lots of system insatlling tutorials. You are welcomed to download and use, your suggestions are also welcomed.